Business Intelligence and Analytics

Acyutah's offerings enable enterprises to equip their decision-makers with the right information at the right time in the right context to significantly improve the quality of decision-making.

We can help you to optimize your enterprise performance and respond to opportunities and threats. Our team works closely with you to design your enterprise wide Business Intelligence strategy, build an optimized data warehouse, and then integrate with Information delivery tools. Our expertise & processes combined with our domain knowledge makes us the preferred partner to our global customers.

Our solution platforms allow organizations to iterate through data very quickly, to stay relevant, to answer questions that are faced in your organization and to be responsive to coping with changed conditions in the business. Organizations are able to work directly with the data they see, to interact with the data to dig deeper and are able to navigate through all their information like never before. Only when organizations interact at the speed of how they think, insights can be achieved; and our platform allows for this.

Responsiveness and resilience is built within the platform to allow it to be agile, to respond to the business condition that is faced today. Our platform deals with issues in your organization when they arise without you having to go back and forth to resolve, which helps you resolve uncertain issues when you need to.

At Acyutah, We helps organizations harness the collective human intelligence of organizations so that BI is optimized, our technologies are naturally intuitive to bring out the best out of the people that use them and finally innovate to allow people to get actionable insights and constantly adapt to changing environments.

An essential part of this is effective BI & Analytics tools which aids decision-making by making complex data clear, avoiding clutter and confusion in insight visualization and ultimately help organizations take a well-rounded decision.

We offer complete Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions from strategy to execution.

  • Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Analytics Model Building
  • Business Intelligence Operations
  • Data Mining
  • Digital Dashboards
  • Process Visualization
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Build BI Competency Centre
  • Provide BI Life Cycle Services
  • Analytical Model Testing & Deployment
  • Predictive Analytics
  • BI Blueprint, BI Health Check, Business Process Analysis, Business Case Modeling & Capacity Planning
  • Business Intelligence Technology
  • Master Data & Meta Data Management, Data Architecture, Data Quality Management

Having the right BI & Analytics solution will help your organization make effective decisions and stay ahead in today’s competitive world and we have it.