Acyutah's BPM Solution

Acyutah's BPM system tie-together activities of the process and execute the process from start to end. Thus work moves from one desk to another without the performers of the task needing to pull the work from predecessors or push the work to followers. Acyutah's BPM system sends alerts & reminders as the work gets allocated to performers. They can escalate work to supervisors and carryout re-assignment of already assigned work to another performer in case of delays. Process supervisors can pro-actively take corrective actions and manage situations of delays and exceptions. Acyutah's BPM system can even automate work, eliminating need for manual intervention. Thus, Acyutah's BPM system minimize delays, and waiting time improving process efficiency.

Key Features

Design Processes
  • BPMN process solutions, rapidly built through drag-and-drop functionality to Design / Modify any Work process without doing any hard-coding
  • NATIVE PROCESS REPOSITORY captures and stores process models for rapid reuse
  • BUSINESS RULES to define your critical policies and procedures
  • FORMS INTERFACE DESIGN enables fast creation of task forms and dashboards
  • COMPLEX EVENT PROCESSING for tracking, analyzing, and responding to business events
Execute with Ease
  • INSTANT DEPLOYMENT of your newly built solutions on a scalable, flexible platform
  • OUT-OF-THE-BOX INTEGRATION with diverse systems
  • BUILT-IN ENTERPRISE MOBILITY delivers responsive user experiences with no extra work along with App-Free Mobile Access
  • INTUITIVE USER INTERFACES deliver great user experiences
Manage Tasks
  • REAL-TIME MANAGEMENT TOOLS monitor in-route processes, re-assign tasks, and view performance
  • TASK MANAGEMENT increases worker efficiency and reduces costs, by scheduling the Task Assignments y various methods
  • REAL-TIME VISIBILITY provides granular tracking of process and task progress
  • SKILLS-BASED ROUTING ensures the right worker gets the right task
  • SOCIAL COLLABORATION across people, processes, and systems drives awareness
Continually Optimize
  • CONTINUOUS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT constantly evolves business performance
  • AGGREGATED PROCESS HISTORY analysis identifies bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS leverage past performance and trends to create self-optimizing processes
  • DYNAMIC REPORTING provides real-time visibility into business operations


Acyutah's BPM System Ensure Optimum Resource Utilizations and Improve Productivity

Acyutah's BPM system can organize, schedule and distribute work based on process parameters such as performer skills, performer availability, performer workload, work-item priority etc. As stated earlier work gets pushed to the performers and hence performers can utilize their time in value added activities rather than doing unproductive work like fetching, finding or pushing documents and work to the next performer. Thus, Acyutah's BPM system identify and utilize resources optimally and also improve productivity.

Acyutah's BPM System Ensure Process Standardization

Acyutah's BPM system ensure that every instance of the process gets executed exactly as defined. There is never any deviation between two instances of the same process.

Acyutah's BPM System Improve Process Control

Using Acyutah's BPM system, process supervisors can easily track and monitor the status of various instances of the process being executed. They can take corrective action wherever necessary. Acyuyah’s BPM System can also maintain audit log of every small change in the status of the activity within the process and the actions of the performers.

Acyutah's BPM System Enable Process Improvement

Using simulation tools, process designers can identify process bottlenecks and high waiting time activities. During run-time, process managers can easily monitor process performance and compare that with process performance measures and KPIs. Post execution, they can also query and analyze process data to identify and eliminate business issues. Thus, Acyuyah’s BPM System provides tools, which can be used across the phases of the business process life cycle to improve business process performance.

Acyutah's BPM system allows tremendous efficiency gains as the technology does much of the hard work. No longer an invoice be hidden in someone's in-tray and no longer a staff expense claim is lost. There are three key advantages that BPM can bring to the table:

  • Transparency
    Acyutah's BPM system makes a business process absolutely transparent, greatly improving visibility and efficiency. Bottlenecks can literally be seen, and removed. It can show where the most delays are occurring, and where is each transaction stuck as it passes from one stage to another.
  • Process Refinement
    The initial configuration and design exercise coupled with the data that emerges after running processes for some time can allow refinement.
  • Centralization of Data
    Data about each and every transaction is logged and can be retrieved as and when required. Therefore, it is possible to analyze accurately what happened. Referencing is also easier as embedded searches allow for data to be picked up as required for study.

Acyutah's BPM Solution in various Industries

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Collections and recovery
  • Fulfillment (Order Management & Provisioning)
  • Customer Query Resolution
  • Enterprise Workforce Management etc.
  • BPM for Customer-centric and Revenue enhancing processes
  • Trade Services
  • Lending and Mortgage
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash Management
  • Retail and Affluent Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • New Accounts / Accounts Opening
  • Customer Service
  • Online Statement Presentment
  • Vendor Management
  • Accounts Payables / Receivables
  • Helpdesk Management
  • Portal Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • SOPs Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Collaborative Platform for Various Tools / Applications