Reimagine your business and Re-invent a new business model in this digital era. The world is going through a digital transformation and business owners are thinking outside the box to stay ahead of the curve taking digital transformation initiatives in order to deliver value to the customers. Acyutah and its Digital Automation Solutions and Services enables organizations make the most out of digitalization in the emerging market, adopting new and innovative ways to do business to become more agile, productive and efficient.


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How to go Digital with Acyutah ?

Everything that is manual and paper-based will be digitized and gradually transformed into less-paper and finally into paper-less organization with multi-channel capture technology. Acyutah's Scanning Solution and its Capture Tools and Technologies enable document acquisition from various sources i.e. unstructured and structured document and content, extract information automatically, transform and store into a business friendly digital format in the centralized repository in order to achieve much faster and precise capture results.
Classify the records and Organize them in the scalable digital file plan taxonomy suitable to the organization's best practices for archiving and preservation of records. Intelligently crafted Classification and Indexing schema with modern database technologies assist you achieve consistent information organization and fast retrieval of content. Intelligent metadata extraction with automatic indexing enhance the capabilities of tagging the right information smartly and transforms information into data with accuracy for faster content access.

Automate and Transform your office into a smart workplace empowering workforce to focus on more productive tasks accelerating efficiency, transparency and quality of delivery. FineFlow Business Process Automation with low-code or no-code framework enables Design, Develop and Deploy digital workflows to support all type of processes i.e. Sequential, Flexible/Ad-hoc and Hierarchical Organizational Structure. The E-Form Automation framework also enables Design, Configure and Deploy digital e-Forms to capture information associated with business processes.
Access the right information anytime, anywhere to the repositories in Cloud, On-premise or hybrid environment with Enterprise-grade Search capabilities. The enterprise Search solution with a unified interface enables users to easily locate and instant access to document and content. This is intended to have a unified access to multiple information sources regardless of file type, format or location with full security enforcement. Search and Retreival capabilities include metadata, keyword, note, full text search, version search and more with a universal document viewer.

Manage document, content and information in a collaborative workspace integrating the legacy applications to bridge the gap between core and siloed applications. Leverage FineDocs Integration Platform with SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other ERP and legacy applications along with its image-enablement capabilities. The integration platform provides a seamless two-way integration to work on a centralized collaborative workspace providing ease to information access through the user interface of FineDocs, the legacy application, or a bespoke user interface, empowering rich user experience.
Transform your business with technology invention and innovation of "Digital-first" business strategy, collaboration and continuous improvement. FineDocs and FineFlow provides intuitive graphical dashboard and detailed Monitoring and Reporting Tools, KPIs for measuring success, collaborative integrated workspace for better visualization and to gain better business insight. Transform you business digitally and grow exponentially, enabling workforce to collaborate, engage, and interact with each other and with customers through the transformed digital platforms and technologies to offer a better customer service.

Explore how Acyutah can help you accelerate your Digital Transformation Initiatives with Acyutah's Core Capabilities to become more agile, innovative, efficient, streamlined and customer-centric.

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Acyutah's holistic approach offers Application Design, Development and Maintenance Services, Product Re-engineering Servies, Managed Services with IT Infrastructure and Cloud Services with cutting-edge technologies.

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To achieve the goals of Digital Transformation, Organizations require end-to-end transformation of IT along with Process, People and Operations. Acyutah shoulders the challenges of modernization of the Legacy Systems, IT Infrastructure and traditional Process model.
Service Offering by Acyutah -

Organizations require end-to-end transformation of IT along with Process, People and Operations. Service Offering by Acyutah -

  • Application Development and Maintenance Services
  • Technology Consulting
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Managed Services