Organizations are becoming increasingly digital, turning to technology to be engaged and stay connected with customers. Responding to the surged customer expectations, Organizations are embracing Digital transformation to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. And, the most important driving factor of this change is the Customer. Customer responsiveness and collaboration are critical and only possible by bringing together people, process and technology.


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Customer Experience (CX).

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How Acyutah is offering a Platform for Customer Experience?

Acyutah's Advisory Consulting in IT Solutions i.e. IT Infrastructure, Technology, Application Services, and Digitization Services enables customers take right decision on how their overall system might need to be evolved, or redesigned and how existing touchpoints may need to be tweaked. Our System Assessment strategy helps identify opportunities and thematic challenges in the existing system with a thorough diagnosis and in-depth input from customers, visioning for a new system consideraing end users' experience and organizational culture.
Co-creation and Standardization are the key focus areas while designing the customer experience strategy in our product implementation landscape that can deliver an extraordinary brand experience across the entire customer journey. Co-creation empowers customers bringing in personalized customer experience in detailing the customer’s pain areas, focusing on the challenges in the core business function areas, customer’s interaction with the brand at various touchpoints, and building the future-state vision for greater efficiency.

Our time-tested implementation approach help us design customer experience from the outside in, steping into the customer’s shoes. Institutionalization of business processes and elimination of Silos is important to measure the continuous improvement in the customer experience. Customizations, Low-Code/No-Code Development Framework, Cloud and On-Premise Deployment Model, Integration, Localization, Agile Service Delivery Model and the CRM system provides seamless customer experience across all touchpoints and engagement.
Acyutah's proven automation platform brings together cutting-edge technology with its core capabilities in Managed Services with Infrastructure Management, Outsourcing, Cloud Computing, Legacy Application Integration, Helpdesk services and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Acyutah provides a broad range of products and services in the digital automation platform with customized solutions best fit for the industry type, organizational culture and regulatory compliance to provide personalized experience to the customers.

Explore how Acyutah can help you accelerate your Digital Transformation Initiatives with Acyutah's Core Capabilities to become more agile, innovative, efficient, streamlined and customer-centric.

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Digital Transformation and Customer Experience (CX) go hand in hand.

Customers are becoming now more digitally conscious. Customers do expect higher performance, improved quality of deliveries accelerating the pace of technology innovation and automation. Acyutah's Digital Automation Platform empowers organizations creating superier digital experience maximizing the value they deliver to their customers.

Institutionalized. Transformed. Realized.

Acyutah's proven Digital Platform brings together cutting-edge technology and solutions, fueling the ability to optimize the customer experience, driving deeper interaction and engagement, providing value to the customers.
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Acyutah's proven Digital Platform brings together cutting-edge technology and solutions, providing value to the customers by:

  • Process Automation
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Core Application Automation
  • Cloud Services