FineFlow BPM

FineFlow Business Process Management Solution enables organizations to completely map and automate Work-Processes helping in Intelligent Coordination of People, Tasks and Information; making work-process more efficient and adoptable to change.

Leverage FineFlow agile framework of Process Automation for greater efficiency and drive real-time decision making

Significantly reduce cost of high-volume complex manual processes and enhance productivity with robust and flexible automated process.

FineFlow BPM engine offers highly flexible Process Designer, Form Builder, Reporting capabilities with Business Activity Monitoring, KPI & Analytics, Process Manager and more. FineFlow Solution enables organizations create seamless experience making the process absolutely transparent, greatly improve visibility and efficiency, ensure compliance and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Highly Intuitive Process Designer Canvas to design Digital Workflows
  • Intelligent Engines for Human, Integration and Communication activities
  • Low-code development Framwork with rapid Design, Build, Deploy
  • Seamless integration of Business Rules and Decisions
  • Automatic or manual Task Allocation with dynamic resources or Queue
  • Manage Escalation with Turnaround Time (TAT) tracking

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FineFlow Form Builder capabilities help organizations generating dynamic web forms and associate them with the digital workflows. The Form Builder eliminates the requirement of pre-defined web form providing a great degree of flexibility to design the form at run-time according to the process requirement.

  • Intuitive Drag-n-drop based flexible Form Builder
  • Controls i.e. Table, Image, Textbox, List, Calendar, Hyperlink etc.
  • Integrated Data Validation Rules and Attachment
  • Access Control on Form Fields to View and Edit data
  • Localization Support to Publish Forms in multiple Languages
  • Integrated Digital Workflow for Form approval

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Leverage FineFlow Form Builder to create customized E-Forms on the easy-to-use dynamic platform for every business

Design, Review and Publish easy to configure flexible E-Forms on Web and Mobile platform and collect data for analysis and reporting.

Generate, Analyze, Forecast and Drive smart decision-making of business with the on-the-spot reports from real-time data

Leverage FineFlow enterprise-scale Reporting tool with wide range of analytics task to get the most out of your data.

FineFlow Business activity Monitoring (BAM) feature offers high amount of flexibility with its extensive reporting capability . It provides users with several out of the box reporting and activity monitoring views, enabling real-time view of business metrics and a complete visibility into the Process and People. In addition, it permits users to configure Data Points and Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) to measure productivity and effectiveness.

  • Simple yet compelling Dashboard for effective visualization
  • Rich Graphical Reports with Bar chart, Pie chart, etc.
  • Generic and Customized Report View with no-code user interface
  • Drilled down Workflow Analytics Report for Transaction and Execution
  • Best-in-class User Experience with presentation quality

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