FineDocs ECM

FineDocs presents an excellent ECM experience with a complete range of Products, Tools and Technologies that spans Document Management, Records Management, File Management, Capture Solutions, Archival Solutions on-premises or in the Cloud.

Manage Documents throughout its lifecycle, meet compliance, mitigate risks and harness information that keep long term business value

FineDocs Platform is a joy to have for the enterprises as it can be deployed standalone or it can integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and co-exists with your other Enterprise IT deployments.

FineDocs Document Management System (DMS) has all the essential capabilities to control all your information content. FineDocs helps Organizations manage both structured and unstructured content throughout its life cycle, bring and moving it along the respective stages of Creation or Capture, Management, Storage and Delivery to the final stage of its Archival. Record and File Management Features enable enterprise to harvest corporate records, manage, control and protect them, and make them accessible to knowledge workers in an efficient collaborative environment.

  • Comprehensive Capture Solutions for Document Acquisition
  • Enterprise Search and Universal Document Viewer
  • Multi-tier Security and Regulatory Compliance
  • Retention Policy, Archival and Disposal

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FineDocs ECM Portal is an unified enterprise collaboration and content management environment enables Organizations with enterprise portal capabilities to engage employees and customers with relevant information by delivering an intuitive personalized interface, help organizations improve usability and efficiency and deliver smarter experience in information sharing and collaboration.

  • Enterprise Knowledge Management
  • Corporate Helpdesk Solution
  • Human Resouece Management Solution (HRMS)
  • Authoring and Publish News, Notice, Event
  • Collaborative Workspace with Online Chat, Calendar, Notification

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Empower your organization to engage its customers and employees with a flexible customized platform to create, manage, share, and reuse information

A unified portal solution with aggregation of content, knowledge and collaborative features in support of information-centric workplaces to gain visibility and access to right information across the enterprise.

Embrace Digital trend with Acyutah's Solutions to become more agile, innovative, efficient, streamlined and customer-centric

Leverage FineDocs Cloud with no infrastructure costs and deployment complexity, access FineDocs anytime, anywhere with Mobile App and operate under one umbrela on FineDocs integration platform.

FineDocs is a complete ECM Platform and not merely a Product Suite. It is the conjoining of Concept, Solution, Tools, Technologies, Methods, Strategies and more. It can establish itself either as a Standalone ECM environment or it can scale and integrate seamlessly with your existing enterprise applications to achieve a united IT Ecosystem. FineDocs extends its integration capabilities to enable organizations improve information governance in a unified platform.

  • FineDocs Integration with MS-SharePoint, MS Dynamics NAV
  • FineDocs Integration with SAP ArchiveLink
  • FineDocs Web Services and API for ERP integration
  • FineDocs in the Cloud
  • FineDocs Mobile App

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