Acyutah help envision and execute the simplified way of working and ensure long-term business relationship providing enriching customer experience.

Reimagine your business model with Acyutah

Need simplified path to reach success ?

Acyutah Offers the tactical and strategic engagement models based on long-term and more innovative relationships with our client.

Enterprises are reimagining the business model while staying connected with their employees, customers and partners. Our engagement model is a framework that defines collaboration between our client and Acyutah.

It determines a level of control and responsibility, as well as provides a base for further relationship development.

We bring together strategic leadership, industry experts, technology champions and many other specialized skills
to accelerate your journey and reach the goal.

Tactical Engagement Models

We build systems of engagement with our clients on short-term and long-term basis based on the business model and approach.

Staff Augmentation approach allows clients help cost reduction and fuel efficiency when appropriate. Project management and technical leadership remain with the client while other workforces are augmented with offshore resources of Acyutah.

Project-Based model allows speeding time to market by leveraging Acyutah as an outsourced partner with the required technical and domain expertise.

Tactical Consultancy extended to outsourced expertise e.g. design, architecture and technology advisory, security expert, etc. at a fixed-price time-bound basis or a T&M basis.

Staff Augmentation - extend existing in-house staff with outsourced workforce

Project-Based - a time bound engagement model effective for projects

Tactical Consultancy - a no. of value-add services by Acyutah

Strategic Engagement Models

We will partner with you and create new wave of business model enabling the competitive agility and addressing the most strategic issues.

ODC/NDC, managed by Acyutah, is a flexible engagement model that greatly increases clients’ product development capacity accommodating a high variety of projects and activities.

Product Engineering Services is the most innovative model that maximizes outputs as Acyutah holds a wide span of responsibility by co-creating a product with the client in the entire product life cycle.

Strategic Consultancy is a value-driven consulting engagement offered by Acyutah aimed to improve process efficiency and the product quality of a client’s organization. Usually it includes all aspects of the People/Process/Technology triangle with a high impact on a client’s transformation and strategic decision making.

Offshore / Nearshore Development Center (ODC/NDC)

Product Engineering Services

Strategic Consultancy