Business Process

Government ministries and agencies are taking initiatives to reengineering and implementation of the core and support business processes as part of the e-governance and public service reform program. The business process automation has the tools and technologies to automate human-focused tasks along with machine processing applications to provide the government organization scalability and agility to manage its work more efficiently.

The Challenge
Task allocation and timely approval, prioritization of work and highly regulated mandates, Government sector faces numerous challenges, with the commitment to provide highly responsive citizen services.
Some of the Key Challenges are:

  • Scaling associated with increased frequency and diversified business processes across directorates and bureaus has become increasingly complex with the growing volumes of approval processes and forms
  • Complex decision making process with cross-functional Directors, Secretaries and above; manual travelling of forms and documents from one office to another office for approval consumes high turnaround time (TAT) leading to low response time and inefficient service delivery
  • Lack of standardization and uniformity of processes and forms across directorates trigger repetitive tasks
  • Paper-based documents and forms associated with business process approval with penned signature leads to physical storage of documents with an ever-increasing burden to storage cost and maintenance
  • Government agencies that have already implemented IT solutions, are facing challenges to manage and maintain various IT applications being used for various office task management purpose; with each application supports only a small part of a process

The Solution
A single integrated future-ready platform that can meet the end-to-end office process management and open to integrate solutions with multiple domain to reduce complexity and maintenance costs is the only solution that can boost eoffice initiatives in government sector. FineDocs Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, built on an agile framework of process automation and electronic forms, integrated with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform brings in automation to support core office business processes and operations in order to deliver best services.
The Solutions include:

  • Business Process Management (BPM) Platform - FineDocs Business Process Automation provides an agile, reusable and decision-based process framework designed and deployed in an integrated platform
  • E-Forms Solutions - Automated solutions for digitization of converting paper forms to electronic forms and publish online to capture and process data
  • A Standardized Framework- Automated Standardized framework integrated with Process automation and E-Forms for Planning and Monitoring, Human Resources, Finance and Procurement, Reform and Good Governance, Legal and Audit, PR and Communication, Minister's and Secretary's offices, IT and General Services and more

The Benefit
FineDocs eoffice business management automation solution enables manage, monitor and optimize the business processes with greater agility and cost effectiveness in order to deliver best services, transparency, accessibility, affordability, interactivity, and convenience to employees as well as businesses of government ministries and agencies.
Some of the Key Benefits are:

  • An Institutionalized platform with empowered information access through a centralized scalable repository, enhanced collaboration people, process and technology
  • The centralized system and online anytime, anywhere access enables 100% Transparency and improved accountability with Real-time visibility of process performance can improve operational efficiency, improved turnaround time (TAT) and more responsiveness to citizen
  • An easy way for collaboration, help to move the entire organization ahead digitally; employees are empowered with technology upskilling and digital learning; and hence enabled successful user adoption across all directorates with increased productivity
  • The Agile framework enables system administrators easily manage the structural changes within organizations, update processes and routes, deploy additional processes, with the continuous improvement (CI) strategies of government
  • Ensured compliance with government mandated regulations with electronic records audit trails, access control and digital signatures
  • A future proof solution that can provide interoperability with other government legacy systems