and File Management

FineDocs Electronic DAK or Correspondence Management System, an integral part of FineDocs e-Gov Office solutions, enables organizations monitor and track all kind of transaction of DAK (Mails or Correspondence) and Documents effectively. The system handles all types of inward and outward Correspondence and Documents in the File management system and has in-built configurable access control and suitable security measures, which is the most crucial requirement of any Government organization.

The Challenge
Government bureaucracy is known for the inordinate amount of paperwork and the biggest challenge is to shift the traditional culture and employees' mindset of replacing legacy tools and processes and transforming to a newer IT modernized environment.
Some of the Key Challenges are:

  • Physical Document Storage - Government paperwork i.e. all Correspondences, Reports, Contracts, Minutes of Meeting and Departmental Business Documents are stored in physical Record Rooms that are unprotected from disaster, may also lead to unauthorized access
  • Complex correspondence and document approval process with Directors, Secretaries, Ministers; manual travelling of files from one office to another office for approval consumes high turn-around time leading to low response time and inefficient service delivery
  • Tedious and cumbersome correspondence and file handling - Extremely erroneous task of manual file handling, Tracking the file for its latest version status and working collaboratively on a file is difficult
  • Manual process of internal correspondence drafting and physical file movement for draft approval leads to delay in traceability of files resulting in the delay in clearance. A mechanism, which could clearly demarcate the path for flow of documents, thus establishing total accountability, is the need of the hour
  • Managing large volume of Physical Records & Files involve huge cost burden; Retrieval of right information at right time is difficult and time consuming process; leads to delay in decision making and overall operational inefficiency
  • Security threat and Compliance Risk - Risks of unauthorized access to the information in the physical storage and non-adherence issue of government regulatory compliance

The Solution
FineDocs Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform brings in electronic document, file and record management solution best meet diverse requirements of digital transformation.
The Solutions include:

  • Electronic DAK/Correspondence Management System - FineDocs Electronic Correspondence Management System enables organizations monitor and track all kind of inward and outward transactions of Correspondence and Documents effectively through digital registration and dynamic approval process. This solution provides a hassle free mechanism to manage all kinds of physical and electronic documents coming in and out of the office and keeps track of them till it is rendered to the intended official. Solutions for Draft for Approval (DFA), Office Notes creation and approval, Barcode based Correspondence tracking system, Physical Correspondence management etc. are integrated with the system
  • File Management System - FineDocs File Management System (FMS) is a comprehensive barcode based File Tracking and Monitoring solution, made up of functions that caters to the file processing requirements and that is common to all government domains and encompasses the standard features and actions on the files. This includes a complete File management life cycle, since acquisition of correspondence and file creation, file registration, file workflow tracking in the file movement slip and archival of the file records; fully integrated with access control and suitable security measures, which is the most crucial requirement of any Government organization
  • Whitehall Filing System - A System of filing i.e. File View helps in automating the file tracking processes of various government departments. The Whitehall system of file movement used by most government departments has been replicated online. The File View user interface is a composite view of File Viewer on one side and Note Sheet on the other side of the user interface; provides an organic look and feel as that of a physical file in government organization. The solution automates the process of file and note sheet approval and reduces turnaround time involved in the manual movement of files. The secured Note Sheet supports digital signature, draft(yellow) and approved(green) noting, notes linking for cross-referencing, and workflow approval track sheet

The Benefit
FineDocs promotes a culture-shift to the automation environment, saving workforce efforts on manual task and giving more focus to service delivery.
Some of the Key Benefits are:

  • An Institutionalized platform with empowered information access through a centralized scalable repository, enhanced collaboration with single source of truth. Manage, Share and Reuse information from a single, authoritative information source with enforced security, significantly boosting the e-governance initiative
  • The centralized system enables organizations cutting costs of manual storage of archive by driving down the amount of paper generated. All type of content and knowledge can be digitally stored in one place; accessible by different business functions securely
  • Multi-level content security and integrity with highly efficient version management with greater efficiency and improved productivity
  • Real-time visibility to the file processing can improve operational efficiency and 100% transparency is achievable as authorities can see where the documents are in the process, with which departments they're with, pending tasks, file aging in the workflow along with improved turnaround time (TAT)
  • Ensured compliance with government mandated regulations with electronic records audit trails, access control and digital signatures