Healthcare Solutions - BPM

Business Process

To enhance its foothold in this growing digital market, FineFlow BPM enables Healthcare enterprises take technology initiatives and roll out the capabilities of business process automation aiming a substantial time and resource saving.

The Challenge
Operating in the highly regulated Healthcare field, Healthcare industry faces numerous challenges, with the commitment to provide the highest quality products and services.
Some of the Key Challenges are:

  • Diversified business process environment that has become increasingly complex with the growing volumes of forms and complex approval mechanism
  • High operating costs and complexity of operations to comply with evolving global regulations
  • Delay in approval and high turn-around time (TAT) resulting in the delay in clearance.
  • Inefficient Approval Process, Paper based process requires penned signature, takes hours or even days or weeks
  • Manual approach of using multiple siloed system interfaces lead to wearisome task with time-consuming complex navigation of records while approving medical documents

The Solution
Leveraging FineFlow, the solution has been designed in simplified low-code, agile framework of process automation and electronic forms to manage the complete end-to-end automation and empower the Healthcare frontline and backend workforce.
The solution platform provides:

  • The Business Process Automation provides an agile, reusable and decision-based process framework designed and deployed in an integrated platform
  • Automated solutions for digitization of converting paper forms to electronic forms and publish online to capture and process medical data

The Benefit
FineFlow automation of processes enable medical industries improve quality, operational efficiencies and responsiveness to business.
Some of the Key Benefits are:

  • An Institutionalized platform of process automation seamlessly integrated with document management suite with multi-level security and integrity provide greater efficiency and improved productivity
  • Increased process controllability, better decision making and predictability of business with highly efficient business activity analytical reports
  • Efficient user performance, process performance leading to higher workforce productivity
  • Identification of bottlenecks lets the management to take proactive measures in case of deviations or emergencies, thereby minimizing the delays and losses