Healthcare Solutions - DMS


Healthcare Industries require a solution which is flexible, scalable, easy to use and can give a best fitment to their needs. It should work as an integrated solution which can cater to core transaction Processing along with Document Management Solution.
The Challenge
Healthcare Industries are facing mounting pressure to get rid of the paper for a number of reasons, such as reducing costs, decreasing errors, improving information accessibility and compliance with regulatory requirements and heeding the Federal Government’s directive to adopt electronic records system with electronic signatures.
Some of the Key Challenges are:

  • The medical records in the Healthcare industry are mostly paper-based, deals with manual approval with penned signature. The documents like handwritten Doctor's Prescription, etc. and other records e.g. Medical Reports, Hospitals Records, etc. are generated from the HIS and ERP and stored in the record rooms either in the printed paper form or in electronic format, managed manually in the local drives or tape drives
  • Decentralized File Management leads to non-collaborative environment with increasing level of complexity with huge volume of records with duplication issues
  • High cost burden of storage and duplication as physical storage of documents and inefficient tracking leads to high storage cost. Physical record room is unprotected from disaster, may also lead to risk of unauthorized access and lost information
  • Keeping track of all the documents related to day-to-day processes are also a very complicated process. Sharing the same between multiple departments at one point of time is a critical issue from the security prospective as well.

The Solution
Patients' medical information management solution effectively manages all kinds of structured and unstructured medical records and imaging in the form of medical history record, hospital admissions to discharge records, medical test report, medical imaging, doctor's records, claims records, etc. in a centralized archive and seamlessly collaborate on documents to process the clinical processing effectively.
The solution platform includes:

  • A collaborative digital workspace for healthcare frontline and backend workforce with integrated solutions in the base framework of enterprise content management, leveraging a simplied medical information management
  • Integration Plug-ins with legacy HIS and EMR, FineDocs provides an image-enabled solution to access to all relevant clinical and operational data quickly and easily through a single window processing
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for electronic signatures, role based access control, audit trails and reporting ensures regulatory compliance

The Benefit
The Healthcare industry is repositioning itself for continued success and FineDocs's flexibility and extensibility has proved beneficial to enterprises as it progresses its journey to optimize operational proficiency.
Some of the Key Benefits are:

  • Improved clinical services - the tracking of medical records of patients and reports is automated and easily searchable
  • Doctors can get the investigation reports online at their terminal (or any terminal) without waiting for the physical report reaching them. Doctors can see the previous investigation results for a patient for better diagnosis
  • Instant access to information within seconds anytime, anywhere with a reduced downtime to approx. 80% with a greater control to manage, share and reuse information from a single, authoritative information source
  • Disaster Management – All records are archived now in a disaster-proof system
  • Reduce storage cost, allowing medical staff to process by exception and become more analytical