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Business Process

Acyutah's Business Process automation framework helps organizations quickly build and deploy business applications that deliver the end-to-end customer experiences as they need. FineFlow low-code BPA environment fosters collaboration between business and information technology, enabling quick rollout of processes, faster time to value, quick and easy change management and reduced process management cost.
The Challenge
In today’s highly competitive world, industries are focusing on efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness of the business processes essential to securing and maintaining market share. Industries have to be customer focused and ensure that they operate on a low cost basis and cater to regulatory compliance as well as Quality procedures as per the Industry standards. But rising costs inside organizations make these objectives difficult to achieve.
Some of the Key Challenges are:

  • Task allocation and timely approval, prioritization of work and highly regulated mandates, Manufacturing sector faces numerous challenges, with the commitment to provide high quality products and services.
  • Lack of standardization and uniformity of processes and forms across departments and business units trigger repetitive tasks
  • Paper-based documents and forms associated with business process approval with penned signature leads to physical storage of documents with an ever-increasing burden to storage cost and maintenance

The Solution
FineFlow Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, built on an agile framework of process automation and electronic forms, integrated with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform brings in automation to support core office business processes and operations in order to deliver best services.
The solution platform includes:

  • Business Process Management (BPM) Platform - FineFlow Business Process Automation provides an agile, reusable and decision-based process framework designed and deployed in an integrated platform
  • E-Forms Solutions - Design and deploy electronic forms in the dynamic e-form builder and publish online to capture data, process data for review and approval and generate customized reports

The Benefit
FineFlow easy-to-use, no-code or low-code automation framework presents an intriguing opportunity for the manufacturing workforce to be upskilled for BPM automation with this agile model that drastically reduces cost and effort.
Some of the Key Benefits are:

  • Improved turnaround time (TAT) with accelerated Review and Approval Process with simultaneous review of engineering drawings, material and procurements requisition, laboratory processes, etc.
  • The Agile framework enables system administrators easily manage the process changes within organizations way faster, update processes and routes, deploy additional processes, with a minimal effort
  • Increased Transparency with intuitive real time dashboard and business activity monitoring reports