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Acyutah's enterprise scale solutions help Manufacturing industry to optimize operations and processes while reducing costs and improving compliance. FineDocs Document Management solution enables capturing, managing, delivering, and archiving large volumes of documents and content and facilitates the organization to create and manage an enterprise-wide knowledge and Information repository with full compliance.
The Challenge
The manufacturing Industry faces numerous challenges as it seeks to improve profitability, reduce manufacturing process complexity, and ensures better forecasting to remain competitive. Customers and partners require strict adherence to quality standards, while finance departments expect cost reductions and improved compliance with corporate governance standards. Leading manufacturers, contractors, and other firms realize that meeting these challenges require enterprise content and process management systems that can be easily integrated into their operations, and which provide the flexibility to meet constant changes.
Some of the Key Challenges are:

  • Excessive paper-oriented management, multiple versions of the physical documents makes it difficult to retrieve information in a timely manner. High cost burden of storage and duplication as physical storage of documents and inefficient tracking leads to high storage cost
  • Decentralized File Management leads to non-collaborative environment with increasing level of complexity with low efficiency
  • Engineering Department faces challenges fetching the purchase requisition details from Legacy system and storing and sharing the drawings files efficiently in a secured environment. Purchase and Store face challenges keeping the records of Purchase Orders & Quotation as well as Material Receipts & Receipt Note in a centralized archive.

The Solution
FineDocs ECM Solution helps in automating the complete processes with the help of FineDocs end-to-end process solution with a comprehensive document management system. The solution can provide the entire gamut of services from scanning of manufacturing and quality documents indexing to final storage managing the entire lifecycle of documents.
The solution platform includes:

  • Document Management functionality includes scanning & digitization, indexing, library services such as version control, search, retrieval and document security regardless of media type, location, or format. Record Management supports automation of the records management lifecycle process, enforces consistent compliance and records management policy throughout the enterprise and provides consistent management of electronic and physical records.
  • Integration Plug-ins with SAP, Lab Management System and Core ERP provides an image-enabled solution to access to all relevant manufacturing and operational documents like Purchase order, vendor challan, Testing Certificates, Goods Receipt Report, etc. quickly and easily through a single window.
  • Email Management provides fully automated e-mail capture with MS-Exchange, Microsoft 365 or directly integrated with MS-Outlook.

The Benefit
Acyutah's solution is focused on digital transformation of the manufacturing information and processes to have the agility to make the environment efficient and effective with the enhanced productivity and quality.
Some of the Key Benefits are:

  • Instant access to information within seconds anytime, anywhere with a reduced downtime to approx. 80% with a greater control to manage, share and reuse information from a single, authoritative information source
  • Reduce document storage cost and duplication cost
  • Streamlined automated document and record management for better compliance
  • Easier tracking of documents and improved knowledge sharing and collaboration in a secured and integrated platform