Ministry of
Innovation and Technology

Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MINT), part of Federal Government of Ethiopia embraced automation with IT modernization and transformed processes with FineDocs eOffice, taken a step towards paperless office reducing processing time and cost with improved citizen services.

MINT, with the mandate of leading, coordinating, monitoring and controlling E-Government activities for more effective and responsive services delivery realization, has taken Digital Transformations initiatives for undertaking electronic service to citizens and businesses implementing eOffice System, with the ultimate goal of bringing efficiency and effectiveness to repetitive and paper intensive business processes of government offices.

The Challenge
Government bureaucracy is known for the inordinate amount of paperwork and the biggest challenge is to shift the traditional culture and employees' mindset of replacing legacy tools and processes and transforming to a newer IT modernized environment. Some of the MINT's Key Challenges are:
  • Physical Document Storage - Government paperwork i.e. all Correspondences, Reports, Minutes of Meeting and Departmental Business Documents are stored in physical Record Rooms that are unprotected from disaster, may also lead to unauthorized access
  • Complex Approval Process with Directors, Director Generals, State Ministers and above, Delay in traceability of Files, difficult to track down misplaced paperwork; high turn-around time resulting in the delay in clearance.
  • Managing large volume of Physical Records & Files- Retrieval of appropriate information is a manual and time consuming process leads to inefficiencies and operational delay in decision making
  • Decentralized processes, disparate systems lead a duplication of Knowledge & Information; leads to non-collaborative work environment. Tracking the right document at right time for its latest status and working collaboratively on a file is difficult
  • Security issue and Compliance Risk - Risks of unauthorized access to the information

The Solution
FineDocs eOffice is an effective Automated Office Management System, built on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) platform, best met MINT’s diverse requirements of digital transformation.
The eOffice platform features include:

  • Document Life-cycle Management from Creation to Archival; for all Minister's offices and core directorates of Innovation and Technology along with the general offices of Admin, HR, Finance and ICT
  • Electronic Records Management, Inward and Outward Correspondence Management, Whitehall File System, Note Sheet, Draft for Approval. Correspondence approval process has been designed based on multiple routes of approving level and authority providing communications management through digital registration and routing of government communications
  • 250+ Business Process across directorates designed and implemented; Processes of Planning and Monitoring, General Services, ICT, Audit and Communication, Reform and Good Governance, Human Resource, etc. and Specific Processes of Innovation and Technology, Minister's and State Minister's Offices are Standardized
  • Form Processing Solution with dynamic e-Form Builder implemented across directorates
  • High-Quality User Experience with intuitive Dashboard and MIS Reports Management
  • Knowledge Management with Content Authoring and Publishing

The Result
MINT is experiencing a culture-shift to experimenting with eOffice automation across the board, saving workforce efforts on manual task and giving focus on more valuable work of technology innovation and better serve constituents.
Some of the Key Results are:

  • Empowered information access through a Centralized Scalable Repository, enhanced Collaboration with Single Source of Truth. Manage, Share and Reuse information from a single, authoritative information source, significantly boosting the e-governance initiative
  • Increased Transparency and accountability in operations with Real-time Visibility of Performance; now more responsive to customers
  • An Institutionalized platform for collaboration of documents with seamless document sharing among internal and external workforce with centralized single source of truth for enterprise content with enforced security
  • Regulatory Compliance with Government mandated regulations with integrity and security of content with Audit Trails and Reporting, Access Control and Digital Signatures
  • Timely and Complete information exchange for relationship building and bonding with contractors, suppliers and external agencies enforcing control over the day-to-day activities
  • MINT is now happy with a future proof solution that can provide scalability and interoperability with Government legacy systems and integrate diverse information systems effectively to improve service offerings