Ministry of

Digital transformation has become an integral part of the financial sector and Ministry of Finance (MOF) - Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has taken initiatives to modernize IT with innovative technologies to the business processes, financial products and services to positioning itself for future growth in African economy and for better services.

Ministry of Finance (MOF) has chosen FineDocs eOffice solution along with IT infra modernization with a detailed strategy that combines digital systems, applications, customer experience platforms and the IT infrastructure; with the ultimate goal of bringing efficiency to paper intensive business processes of government offices, standardization and automation that lead to increased productivity, reduced costs and improved interaction with both customers and employees.

The Challenge
Government bureaucracy is known for the inordinate amount of paperwork and the biggest challenge is to shift the traditional culture and employees' mindset of replacing legacy tools and processes and transforming to a newer IT modernized environment.
Some of the MOF's Key Challenges are:

  • Ministry of Finance deals with financial documents, with strictly assigned access rights, allowing each and every document for a formal approval workflow at Director General, State Minister and Minister level. Ministry of Finance was also looking for a system that could support all daily office tasks, informal collaboration and formal approval in order to track and monitor the status of every piece of document
  • MOF wanted a solution that could be quickly customized and configured to manage the change management in the government structural change and business process change, with a strict security and compliance control
  • Physical Document Storage - Government paperwork i.e. all Correspondences, financial Reports, Minutes of Meeting and Departmental Business Documents are stored in physical Record Rooms that are unprotected from disaster, may also lead to unauthorized access
  • Complex Approval Process with Directors, Director Generals, State Ministers and above, Delay in traceability of Files, difficult to track down misplaced paperwork; high turn-around time resulting in the delay in clearance
  • Managing large volume of Physical Records & Files- Retrieval of appropriate information is a manual and time consuming process leads to inefficiencies and operational delay in decision making

The Solution
FineDocs eOffice Solution with new generation IT infrastructure has successfully modernized MOF's approach towards digital transformation; making approvals faster, improving processing time and cost.
The eOffice platform features include:

  • Document Life-cycle Management from Acquisition to Archival; managing knowledge and information throughout a controlled lifecycle of authoring, reviews, approvals, and publish or distribution; for all Minister's offices and core directorates and general offices of Ministry of Finance
  • Electronic Records Management, Inward and Outward Correspondence Management, Whitehall File System, Note Sheet, Draft for Approval have been implemented
  • 100+ Business Process across directorates are standardized; few of them are Planning and Monitoring, Government Accounts, Finance and Purchasing Service, Treasury, Budget Preparation and Administration, Debt Administration, International Financial Institutions Co-operation, Tax Policy, Bilateral Cooperation, Internal Audit Services, Fiscal Policy, Legal Services etc. along with General and Supporting Services
  • Form Processing Solution with dynamic e-Form Builder implemented across directorates
  • High-Quality User Experience with intuitive Dashboard and MIS Reports Management

The Result
Ministry of Finance is gradually moving towards a paperless organization establishing a secured, collaborative digital process environment, eliminating outdated systems and manual paperwork.
Some of the Key Results are:

  • MOF Directors, Director General, State Ministers and Sr. management now have found a clear way to track and monitor the approval process of financial documents and e-forms. The team leads and team members are happy using FineDocs for their day-to-day collaboration and daily To-do task
  • FineDocs helped reducing approval processing times; with the increase in transparency and accountability in operations with real-time visibility of process performance
  • Ensured compliance with government mandated regulations for integrity and security of content with audit trails and reporting, access control and digital signatures
  • FineDocs eOffice is scalable and easily configurable with the addition of new processes, services and capabilities as well as change management, with the changing needs of government financial services
  • Ministry of Finance ICT team is happy managing the IT administration of eOffice system using the easy-to-use configuration control panel, along with a future proof solution that can provide interoperability with Finance legacy systems