Ministry of
Trade and Industry

The digitization of records is crucial in the modern age with the inefficiency of paper and hard copy being felt across many different sectors of government organizations. Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) - Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has taken digital transformation roadmap transitioning from age-old technology and processes to a more secure and efficient digitized platform empowering MOTI to meet emerging market demands and deliver improved business outcomes.

Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) ICT directorate plays a key strategic role adapting Digital Transformation initiatives at the heart of the enterprise providing a platform to implement the digital-first strategy with FineDocs eOffice solution and IT infrastructure modernization to drive commercial growth, manage risk and future-proof their businesses for the long-term.

The Challenge
Workers and leaders in many sectors of the government remain skeptical of automation. The government IT initiatives do not succeed because workers predict that the automation is a biggest threat to their job. However, with the changing needs of the market and economy, organizations now understand that Digital transformation is no longer a goal; it's an imperative. Achieving digital transformation requires persistence with a long-term strategic vision for revenue growth as well as immediate benefit can also be realized including increased speed, productivity, efficiency and quality. This type of wide-scale change requires commitment and collaboration across functions.
Some of the MOTI's Key Challenges are:

  • Government organizations in ethiopia in every vertical have a huge dependency upon paper and despite the rise of digital era, this process has not changed in any sector and so do MOTI. MOTI deals with trade reregistration, licensing, import-export contracts, etc. and huge volume of hard copy trade records are stored in Archive Office that are unprotected from disaster, may also lead to unauthorized access
  • Searching and tracking of latest version of document in a large volume of archive is a tedious and cumbersome job and working collaboratively on a file is difficult
  • The level of visibility is low in the document approval processing. The volume of records from the various sources makes it difficult to access the right information at right time, causing MOTI delay in decision making and overall operational inefficiency
  • Complex Approval Process with Directors, Director Generals, State Ministers and Ministers, with the manual travelling of files from one desk to another takes high turn-around time leading to low response time and inefficient service delivery
  • To keep sensitive documents safe and secure in the digital storage and non-adherence issue of government regulatory compliance

The Solution
MOTI has chosen FineDocs eOffice Solution with the new generation IT infrastructure to realize improved governance, enhancing efficiency of business processes, and ensuring transparency.
The eOffice solution includes:

  • Document Life-cycle Management from acquisition to record retention and archival; managing knowledge and information throughout a controlled lifecycle of authoring, reviews, approvals, and publish or distribution; for all Minister's offices and core bureaus and directorates and general offices of MOTI
  • 150+ Business Process across MOTI directorates are standardized; few of them are Trade Registration & Licensing, Post License Inspection & Regulatory, Marketing & Factory Inspection & Regulatory, Share Companies Sectorial Associations, Export Promotion, Oil Seed & Pulse Marketing , Crop Production Marketing, Import Trade Management, Trade Information Management, Trade Relation and Negotiation, Import & Export Goods Quality Control, Technical Regulation, Pre-Licensing Verification, Trade Promotion, Trade Regulatory, Planning and Monitoring, Legal, Audit etc. along with General and Supporting offices
  • Whitehall filing System in a composite view with Green and yellow note sheet and document viewer in a single window, Draft for Approval, auto-generated Diary/File No./Dispatch No. for correspondence, Barcode based file tracking with digitally signed content workflow management
  • Form Processing Solution with dynamic e-Form Builder implemented across directorates
  • High-Quality User Experience with intuitive Dashboard and MIS Reports Management

The Result
Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) directors, director general, Sr. manageemnt and general workforce are increasingly adapting FineDocs eOffice ECM and BPM for daily office task as well as document archival process.
Some of the Key Results are:

  • FineDocs eOffice provides an easy way for collaboration, also help to move the entire organization ahead digitally. MOTI workforce are empowered with technology upskilling and digital learning; and hence enabled successful user adoption across all directorates with increased productivity.
  • The centralized system and online anytime, anywhere access enabled MOTI improve real-time visibility and operational efficiency and also achieved 100% transparency. All documents and knowledge are now digitally stored in one place; different business functions can now access documents securely by linking or cross-referencing multi-domain documents e.g. Contract, license certificate, import/export agreements, etc. within FineDocs ECM.
  • Metadata have been captured from diverse sources from different functional units/directorartes within MOTI in the eOffice system that can used further for data analytics, customized reports and can be translated into insights across various touchpoints
  • The Agile eOffice framework enables MOTI system administrator easily manage the structural changes within organizations, update processes and routes, deploy additonal processes, with the continuous improvement (CI) strategies of government
  • Secured access has been enabled with multi-level content security and integrity, regulatory compliance of content implemented with audit trails and reporting.