Ministry of
Urban Development and Construction

Digital transformation is opening up new opportunities and giving a great deal of business flexibility to each and every sector of government. Ministry of Urban Development and Construction (MUDC) - Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has taken digital transformation roadmap transitioning from paper-based processes to a more secure and efficient digitized platform to lower costs and increase revenue understanding future market.

Ministry of Urban Development and Construction (MUDC) has selected FineDocs eOffice solution along with IT infra modernization within a single window software platform to create, manage and deliver information effectively.

The Challenge
MUDC Government has to deal with inordinate amount of paperwork on daily basis and spend a lot of time and effort in manual approval of contracts, agreements, engineering maps and drawings, RFP, tender, bids and proposals etc.
Some of the MUDC's Key Challenges are:

  • MUDC deals with development and construction documents; searching and tracking of latest version of contracts, agreements, RFP, tender etc. is a wearisome task
  • The level of visibility is low in the document approval processing. Lack of transparency, difficulty in tracking down misplaced paperwork causing MUDC delay in decision making and overall operational inefficiency
  • Physical Document Storage - Government paperwork i.e. all correspondences, contracts, agreements, engineering drawings, commercial proposals, construction tender and bid documents, etc. are stored in Record Office that are unprotected from disaster, may also lead to unauthorized access
  • Complex Approval Process with Bureau Heads, Directors, Director Generals, State Ministers and above, with the manual travelling of files from one office to another office for approval used to take high turn-around time leading to low response time and inefficient service delivery
  • Cross-functional processing is not an easy task as the Construction bidding and highly complex tender proposals require all concerned Bureau's and directorartes' experts i.e. Construction Sector Competitiveness and Enrichment, Procurement, Fund mobilization & Finance and assoicated bureaus work collaborately. Maintaining good governance at every stage of the bid process is a business critical requirement of MUDC

The Solution
MUDC has chosen FineDocs eOffice Solution with the new generation IT infrastructure as FineDocs offers a greater flexibility, user experience (UX), scalability and interoperability capabilities.
The eOffice solution includes:

  • Document Life-cycle Management from acquisition to record retention and archival; managing knowledge and information throughout a controlled lifecycle of authoring, reviews, approvals, and publish or distribution; for all Minister's offices and core bureaus and directorates and general offices of MUDC
  • 300+ Business Process across bureaus and directorates are standardized; few of them are Housing Development and Administration, Construction Industry Reform, Construction Sector Competitiveness and Enrichment, Urban Revenue enhancement, Fund mobilization & Finance, Planning and Monitoring etc. along with General and Supporting Services
  • Tracking the file for its current status became easier and faster with Whitehall System of filing. Collation of all related documents/correspondence into a virtual File, in a composite view with Green and yellow note sheet and document viewer in one place
  • Form Processing Solution with dynamic e-Form Builder implemented in all bureaus and directorates
  • High-Quality User Experience with intuitive Dashboard and MIS Reports Management

The Result
Ministry of Urban Development and Construction (MUDC) is gradually experiencing a digitially transformed organizational culture-shift, making the MUDC workforce more informed and more effective in their jobs through the seamless information accessibility.
Some of the Key Results are:

  • MUDC record office has started saving a ton of time keeping digitized record tracking and MUDC Bureau Heads, Directors, Director General, State Ministers and Minister now have found a clear way to track and monitor the latest version of documents. The team leads and team members are happy using FineDocs for their daily task at their fingertip
  • Real-time visibility improved operational efficiency and achieved 100% transparency and hence enabled successful user adoption across all bureaus and directorates of MUDC. End users and approving authorities now can see where the documents are in the process, with which departments they're with, pending tasks, documents aging in the workflow, turnaround time, task delegation and escalation through a single window.
  • The centralized system enabled MUDC cutting costs of manual storage in the record office by driving down the amount of paper generated. All documents and knowledge are now digitally stored in one place; different business functions can now access documents securely by linking or cross-referencing multi-domain documents e.g. Contract, Purchase Order, Invoice, Gate Pass, etc. within FineDocs ECM.
  • MUDC system admin continues to design and deploy additional business processes using FineDocs Agile BPM framework with a greater flexibility of structural change management
  • Ensured compliance with government mandated regulations for integrity and security of content with audit trails and reporting, access control and digital signatures